BMW 5 E39 Air Suspension Compressor

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BMW 5 E39 Air Suspension Compressor 1999
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Compressor
  • Relay
Weight: 4.6 kg
Aerosus Code: 164250
Model: 5 Series
Platform: E39
Construction Year: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Model Edition: Normal, Sport
OEM Numbers:
  • 37226787616
  • 37221092349
  • 37226778773
Cross references:
  • GP76A60
  • 4430200111
  • 4722515610
  • P-2469
  • 881082099
  • 4154033010
  • 4154031000
  • 4154034000
  • 4438200111
  • 4430200131
Product Description

Aerosus offers brand new air suspension compressors for the BMW 5 E39, which replace the original compressor of your vehicle.

The new, high-performance compressors have a compact, modular design while also providing you with maximum security and functionality.

The compressor relay should be replaced after installation of the compressor unit, as failure to do so will void the product’s warranty.
When the compressor is installed, Aerosus recommends you to check the complete air suspension system for any leakage. The most common cause of compressor failure is a leak in the air suspension system, most likely in one of the air springs. Leaky air springs should be replaced immediately to maintain optimum compressor performance.

All our compressor units are covered by a 2-year warranty with 30-day money-back guarantee.


OE quality
High-performance compressor
Brand new part
Security and durability
Powerful and reliable
Compact design
Easy installation
Reduced noise and vibration
Integrated air dryer
Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide
  • 37.22-6787616
  • 37.22-6778773
  • 37.22-1092349


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