BMW 5 E61 Air Suspension Compressor (Pump)

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BMW 5 E61 Air Suspension Compressor (Pump) 2005
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Compressor
  • Relay
Weight: 5.0 kg
Aerosus Code: 164150
Model: 5 Series
Platform: E61
Construction Year: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
OEM Numbers:
  • 37106793778
  • 37106785505
  • 37202283100
  • 37106789937
  • 37106775015
  • 37106769082
  • 37206765094
  • 37206792855
  • 37106777827
Cross references:
  • P-3220
  • 10-256503
  • 949-917
  • P-2871
  • 4J2005C
Product Description

The touring variant of the BMW 5 Series E61 set new standards in the upper class in terms of agility and safety in the years 2003-2010. In that regard, it isn't surprising that the E61 may still be considered one the safest and most dynamic vehicles in its class. It is interesting that the BMW 5 Series has an innovative air suspension system on the rear axle.

The E61 BMW 5 Series with Air Suspension

Here you can order the air suspension compressor for your E61 BMW 5 Series built from 2003 to 2010 as a spare part at reasonable prices. You'll find the compressor in the middle of the underbody, on the right side of your BMW E61. The corresponding 5-pin relay can be found in the trunk, under the spare wheel well. Note that the relay must be replaced every time the compressor is replaced. Only then can the warranty be maintained.

Our Aerosus air suspension compressor consists of a pressurised air compression housing, an electric motor that drives the compressor, and a dryer that dries the ambient air before it is fed to the air springs. The corresponding relay, which must be replaced, is also included in the package.
Ever since the vehicle was first introduced, BMW drivers have praised the features of this comfortable and safe luxury-class car. As the rear axle of the E61 is fitted with air suspension, it requires a compressor for sufficient air pressure.

With our compressor we can supply you with the right spare part. Our car parts are in no way inferior to the OEM parts. For a long time now, the E61 air suspension compressor has been a reliable car part and is the ideal solution for a comfortable air suspension comfort and level control.
All compressors from our program are continuously checked for quality and functionality by experts in Germany. In that regard, we can ensure a long service life for our Aerosus compressor. This compressor can be safely used as a replacement part for the original BMW compressor. It is designed for a permanent, quite high operating pressure, which always controls your BMW E61 at the correct level.

When Does the Compressor Have to Be Changed?

The installation of a new compressor becomes necessary when the original compressor has failed. You must replace the compressor if it makes unnatural noises or if a faulty relay has caused the compressor to fail due to overheating. Your BMW 5 Series will also show you a corresponding error message on its display. In general, every time you install a new compressor, you should also check the air suspension system for possible leaks, as many compressors fail due to a leaky air spring.
If your BMW lowers itself on the rear axle overnight, this may be due to a defect in the air suspension. In case of leak, the compressor attempts to compensate for air leakage over a certain period of time and overheats. If the compressor has failed due to overheating, you must remove and replace it.

Our Aerosus compressor comes with a two-year warranty. In addition, you benefit from a 14-day return period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a suitable replacement air suspension compressor for your BMW E61, you can purchase it online at an affordable price here. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • 37.10-6793778
  • 37.10-6785505
  • 37.20-2283100
  • 37.10-6789937
  • 37.10-6777827
  • 37.10-6775015
  • 37.10-6769082
  • 37.20-6765094
  • 37.20-6792855


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