BMW X5 E70 Rear Air Spring (Air Suspension Bag)

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BMW X5 E70 Rear Air Spring (Air Suspension Bag) 37126790083
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Spring
  • Airline Fitting
  • Protective Dust Cover
Weight: 1.6 kg
Aerosus Code: 163630
Model: X5
Platform: E70
Construction Year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Air Suspension Type: Normal
Position: Rear Right, Rear Left
OEM Numbers:
  • 37126790081
  • 37126790078
  • 37126790079
  • 37126790083
  • 37126774041
Product Description

The air spring for the BMW X5 E70 has been developed for installation on the rear axle, where the component ensures good off-road capability. That's the special driving pleasure of the BMW. The combination of sportiness and comfort is further emphasized by the air suspension with level control. With us you will find the suitable Aerosus air spring, which can be used on both sides of the rear axle, at an affordable price. It is compatible with BMW X5 models build from 2006 till 2013 and for the Adaptive Drive suspension.

Car Parts with Proven Quality

With us you get the spare part for your BMW X5 E70 in original equipment manufacturer quality. In order to achieve this high standard of quality, the parts are tested by our team of experts in Germany. In addition, we rely on innovative techniques such as the special rubber compound. It provides extra durability that extends the life of the air suspension. This ensures that you can enjoy the sporty and active driving pleasure in the long run. For installation, the air spring is supplied with the compressed air connection and the matching protective sleeve, which keeps dirt away from the rolled fold.

Hints for Installation

A defect in the air spring often depends on the state of wear. If the air spring leaks due to ageing, you should act quickly. The compressor constantly tries to compensate for the pressure loss, which can damage it by overheating and over-saturating the dryer with moisture. To avoid over-stressing the compressor, replace the defective air spring as soon as possible.

Unilateral lowering of the rear axle when the BMW X5 E70 has been parked for a long time is a clear indication that you need to replace the air spring. A permanently oblique position is also a sign of the problem. It is recommended to install a spare part on both sides, since the degree of wear is usually the same. In addition, the risk of a new vehicle failure is fixed. Therefore, you receive a 10% discount on the pair when you purchase from us. This makes the air springs even more affordable.

An advantage of BMW X5 models is that the air spring and the shock absorber are mounted separately on the rear axle. Therefore, the replacement of the air spring is more cost-effective and less time-consuming as compared to replacing the entire air suspension strut.

Details on the Suspension of BMW X5 E70

The AEROUSUS air spring for your BMW E70 supports all existing suspension technologies such as the active Dynamic Performance Control and the Dynamic Drive package. It takes over the suspension and is part of the level control. The latter ensures that your car doesn't lose clearance if you carry several passengers or a heavy load.
  • 37.12-6790081
  • 37.12-6790078
  • 37.12-6790079
  • 37.12-6790083
  • 37.12-6774041


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