Mercedes Benz CLS-Class C218, X218 (incl. CLS 63, 63 S AMG) Front Left or Right Air Spring


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Mercedes Benz CLS-Class C218, X218 (incl. CLS 63, 63 S AMG) Front Left or Right Air Spring A2123203438
Product Information
Weight: 10.7 kg
Aerosus Code: 170825
Model: CLS -Class
Platform: C218, X218
Construction Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Model Edition: 4Matic, Airmatic, RWD
Position: Front Right, Front Left
OEM Numbers:
Product Description

This air spring is suitable for installation on the CLS-Class by Mercedes-Benz. It is compatible with both the C218 and X218 series. The air spring is intended for the left or right side of the front axle. In order for you to be able to install the air spring easily, a matching compressed air connection is included in the delivery.

C218 / X218 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class: a Vehicle of Outstanding Quality

The CLS-Class from Mercedes-Benz is aimed at buyers who place high demands on their vehicle. Elegance, comfort and safety are the outstanding aspects of this car. To meet these requirements, Mercedes-Benz uses high-quality air suspension.

More Safety and Ride Comfort with the Air Suspension

The air suspension in the CLS-Class by Mercedes-Benz contributes to a high level of safety - even with a sporty driving style. The level of the vehicle remains stable thanks to this system even with a high lateral inclination in the curves. The air spring adjusts the pressure automatically and therefore ensures a constant vehicle level. This effect is quite useful not only when cornering but also when you have a high payload or when pulling a trailer.

High-Quality Replacement Parts for the CLS-Class by Mercedes-Benz

If you need to replace the air spring on your CLS-Class, it is important to use a spare part that has the same quality as the original car parts. Therefore, it is recommended to use air springs from Aerosus. The specially developed rubber compound contributes to a long service life. To ensure high quality, we subject all our products to an intensive test, carried out by well-trained experts in Germany.

How Do You Recognise a Defect of the Air Spring?

The rubber of the air spring can become porous over the years and air can start escaping out of it. You can recognise that by the fact that the car is slightly tilted if you have not used it for a long period of time. While driving, the compressor starts more frequently than usual to maintain the pressure level by compensating for the leak.

Swap Air Springs on Time to Avoid Consequential Damage

If you notice a defect in the air spring, it is important to avoid consequential damage. Since the compressor is turned on quite frequently in order to compensate for to the pressure drop in the air spring, this can lead to its overload and malfunction. As that involves high repair costs, it is important to replace the air spring in a timely manner. This is done quickly: An experienced mechanic should only need about half an hour to change the air spring.

Money-Saving Options when Replacing Air Springs as a Pair

The wear of the air springs usually runs synchronously on both sides. Therefore, it makes sense to change both springs at the same time. This will save you another trip to the garage and lower your costs. You can also save money when shopping. If you order the air springs for the W212 Mercedes in pairs, you'll pay 10 percent less at Aerosus.

Buy Air Springs for the CLS-Class at Aerosus: More Safety through a Long Warranty

Since we are fully convinced of the quality of our products, we provide a two-year warranty on the air springs for the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. This gives you the confidence to purchase a spare part of outstanding quality.
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  • A-212-323-46-00
  • A-212-320-34-38
  • A-212-323-47-00
  • A-218-320-65-13
  • A-218-323-08-00
  • A-218-320-31-13
  • A-218-320-66-13
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  • A-218-320-32-13
  • A-218-320-65-13-80
  • A-218-320-66-13-80


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