Mercedes-Benz E Class W211, S211 Front Right Air Strut with ADS

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Mercedes-Benz E Class W211, S211 Front Right Air Strut with ADS 2002
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Suspension Strut
Weight: 8.6 kg
Aerosus Code: 163267
Model: E-Class
Platform: S211, W211
Construction Year: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Model Edition: Airmatic, with ADS
Position: Front Right
OEM Numbers:
  • A2113206013
  • A2113209413
  • A2113206213
  • 2113206013
  • A2113205413
  • 2113205413
  • 2113206213
  • 2113209413
  • A211320221328
  • 211320221328
  • A2113202213
  • A211320541389
  • A211320541380
  • A211320601389
  • A211320601338
  • A211320601380
  • 211320601380
  • 211320601338
  • 211320541389
  • 211320601389
  • 211320541380
Cross references:
  • 44-102272
  • 44-100827
  • AS-2246
  • AS-2785
  • VA5-A227
  • VA5-A082
Product Description

The Mercedes E-Class is a successful saloon that was built from 2002 to 2009. Built in many vehicles, the Airmatic air-suspension strut contributes to the distinct comfort and success of this model.

Fits Sedan and T-model

The front right air-suspension strut offered for the W211 / S211 E-Class with Airmatic fits on all versions with rear-wheel drive built between 2002 and 2009. The air suspension shock is ready for immediate installation. It consists of an air spring, a shock absorber and an electromagnetic ADS control valve. All modules of our air-suspension struts are new high-performance parts.
In terms of safety, accuracy and quality, the air shock assembly corresponds to the originally installed component. This is because it is produced exactly to the specifications for this Mercedes. Production is subject to expert control in Germany. Comfort and driving safety are fully restored when this part is fitted to the car. For models with four-wheel drive, there is a special version, which you can also purchase in our shop.

Air Suspension Ensures Comfort and Safety

The optionally available air suspension by Mercedes ensures particularly good ride comfort, as the air spring responds more easily to bumps than the otherwise fitted mechanical springs. In addition, the semi-active air suspension system introduced with this model can control the suspension and damping separately for each wheel. Part of this air suspension is the active damping ADS, which adjusts the attenuation in a fraction of a second according to the road condition. The components of Aerosus fit perfectly into this damping and suspension system.

Avoid Additional Costs in Case of Leak

Air struts are durable, but the constant loads sometimes lead to defects after high mileage and environmental influences. A common damage to the air strut is a leak. If the air spring on the shock absorber leaks, the vehicle can lower itself overnight on the front axle. If only one side is affected by pressure loss in the vehicle, then it lowers unilaterally in the front. The compressor runs constantly as it works against a declining compression. Therefore, the compressor will overheat and even let moist air through the system, overburdening the integrated dryer. If you don't renew the air suspension shock on time, the compressor will soon malfunction. This will cause extra costs that could be spared with a timely replacement of the air strut.

Other Malfunctions on the Airmatic System

If the response of the suspension has changed a lot or the level compensation is no longer working and the Airmatic doesn't react to the pre-selection of the suspension or damping mode, some defects may have occurred. In addition, a common malfunction of the air suspension of the W211 / S211 E class is related to the fact that the vehicle can't be lowered or the damping and the suspension are quite hard. If one of the following malfunctions occurs, it is advisable to check and, if necessary, replace the components: the discharge valve on the compressor doesn't open, the level sensors are faulty, transverse and longitudinal acceleration sensors are defective, the solenoid valve on the air spring strut doesn't react or a cable break on one of the solenoid valves has occurred.

Save Costs with Low Prices by Buying Online

By changing the failed air strut with a component bought online, you can save a lot of costs without compromising on quality. The installation of the affordable spare part can be performed in every garage at low cost. This is because it is identical to that of the OEM part.
Air struts usually wear on both sides about the same. After all, they're subjected to the same loads. If one has to be repaired, the second usually follows soon. Therefore, in the case of a defect, two-sided installation of new parts is recommended. To facilitate this, we grant a 10% discount on a pair purchase. You then benefit from the cheaper price and don't have to bring the car to the garage for repair twice due to problems with the air suspension.

All Aerosus products come with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, you purchase without risk and save money.

As Aerosus, in order to provide you with a hassle-free installation and to avoid any compatibility issues, we highly recommend that you purchase our front air struts in pairs. Here's why:
1. Consistency in Performance: There are 3 pins at the inlet of the valve. The resistance values between pins for the original air springs in your Mercedes E-Class 211 and CLS-Class 219 models typically range from 2,5 to 12 ohms, depending on the sub-models. This may, however, demonstrate variations as the resistance of the material decreases with time. To ensure consistent performance and compatibility, it is essential that both front air struts installed on your vehicle have similar resistance values.
2. Error-Free Operation: Installing air springs with resistance values that differ by more than 0.5-1 ohms from each other could potentially trigger an error code on your vehicle's dashboard or OBD report. By purchasing and installing our front air struts in pairs, you can avoid this issue altogether, ensuring a smooth and error-free operation of your suspension system.
3. Enhanced Driving Experience: Optimal suspension performance is vital for a comfortable and safe driving experience. Installing front air struts with matching resistance values will help maintain the original ride quality, stability, and handling characteristics of your Mercedes E-Class 211 and CLS-Class 219.
  • A-211-320-62-13
  • A-211-320-60-13
  • A-211-320-54-13
  • A-211-320-94-13
  • A-211-320-22-13
  • A-211-320-22-13-28
  • A-211-320-54-13-89
  • A-211-320-54-13-80
  • A-211-320-60-13-89
  • A-211-320-60-13-38
  • A-211-320-60-13-80
  • 211-320-60-13
  • 211-320-54-13
  • 211-320-62-13
  • 211-320-94-13
  • 211-320-22-13-28
  • 211-320-60-13-80
  • 211-320-60-13-38
  • 211-320-54-13-89
  • 211-320-60-13-89
  • 211-320-54-13-80


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