Mercedes-Benz ML W164 Front Air Suspension Shock with ADS

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Mercedes-Benz ML W164 Front Air Suspension Shock with ADS A1643204613
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Air Suspension Strut
Weight: 10.0 kg
Aerosus Code: 163471
Model: ML -Class
Platform: W164
Original Equipment: A1643205813, A1643204313, A1643206013, A1643205913, A1643204613, A1643204413
Construction Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Model Edition: With ADS
Position: Front Right, Front Left
Product Description

With the Mercedes-Benz ML W164, the manufacturer introduced its first premium SUV in 2005 -- and fulfilled a requirement that is also based on the optionally available air suspension. This suspension ensures outstanding ride comfort through its sensitive response.

The struts offered here are suitable as spare parts for the air suspension of Mercedes-Benz ML of the W164 generation, years of production from 2005 to 2011. They can be installed on the front axle both on the right and on the left. These air suspension struts are brand new and are suitable for immediate installation in your specialist garage. They fit all models with active damping (ADS).

Air Suspension as Automatic Level Control

Due to the supply and discharge of the compressed air in the air springs, the air suspension also acts as a level control. This is practical for heavy payload and for trailer operation: the air suspension automatically compensates for the changing load. The driving dynamics of your Mercedes ML particularly benefit from the air suspension when combined with the Active Damping System ADS. This system constantly adjusts the chassis to the driving situation, the speed and the road condition. It suppresses disturbing rolling and pitching movements -- the car is more stable and safer on the road. With ADS installed, you have a switch in the cockpit with the positions "Comfort" and "Sport". This allows you to switch between a comfort-oriented and a sporty-taut setting.

Airmatic Controls the Air Suspension Automatically

The ADS is part of the "Airmatic" system by Mercedes-Benz, which carries out the control of the shock absorbers. Instead of classic coil springs, your vehicle is fitted with air springs at the front and rear. The adjustment of the shock absorbers is performed by solenoid valves that change the setting to harder or softer by regulating the oil flow in the damper.

A control unit continuously analyzes the signals from sensors and constantly adjusts the degree of damping of the shock absorbers to the desired driving characteristics. The air suspension can thus adjust well to changing driving situations.

Air Springs by Aerosus at Reasonable Prices

Just like all mechanical parts in the car, the air suspension struts for the air suspension of the ML can also suffer from wear and defects over the years. In this cases, our spare parts are an inexpensive yet high-quality alternative. Air suspension struts and other car parts are made exclusively for Aerosus in accordance with specifications for Mercedes-Benz. The production is performed using high-quality steel and plastic. Hence, in terms of life, safety, and precision, these replacement parts correspond perfectly to the original parts. The quality assurance is performed to the highest German standards, inclusive of regular leakage and cycle tests. They ensure our air suspension shocks meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

The delivery includes the complete set of an air spring, a shock absorber and an electromagnetic control valve. Your garage can remove the failed air spring dampers and exchange them with the Aerosus air spring dampers without any problems. No other mounting parts are required. You can buy the affordable air spring damper for Mercedes ML W164 online and take advantage of the lower price compared to the original part. After purchase, you can rely on our extensive warranty. In addition to the 24-month warranty and 14-day right of withdrawal, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the affordable alternative now.


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