BMW X5 E70 Air Suspension Compressor

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BMW X5 E70 Air Suspension Compressor Original AMK 37206859714
Product Information
Package includes:
  • Compressor
  • Relay
Weight: 5.0 kg
Aerosus Code: 165503
Model: X5
Platform: E70
Original Equipment: 37206859714, 37206789938, 37206799419, 37226775479, 37226785506
Construction Year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Product Description

With the BMW X5 E70, the Bavarian manufacturer introduced the second generation of this successful SUV series. In addition to the improved "xDrive" four-wheel drive system, the optional air suspension on the rear axle contributes significantly to the vehicle's excellent driving comfort.

Affordable Compressor for the BMW X5 E70

As a spare part for a failed compressor, you will receive from us a brand-new Aerosus compressor. The compressor of the air suspension easily replaces the failed part in the garage and can be installed in any BMW X5 of the E70 type.

The air suspension brings the comfort of the BMW X5 E70 to a higher level, because the air springs provide more comfortable ride on uneven road surfaces than steel springs. This improves the comfort and ensures a quiet ride. The air springs supplied by the compressor with compressed air also ensure automatic level control under changing loads. This is equally useful for fully occupied vacation trips as well as in trailer operation because the rear doesn't sink under load.

Address the Problems of the Suspension

Compressor malfunctions can be detected in several ways. Obviously, if the level control stops working and the rear suspension is no longer pumped up, then damage has occurred. Similarly, excessively loud running noises indicate problems with the air suspension's compressor. Damage to the compressor can be caused by a worn-out air spring. In this case, the compressor is constantly working in order to compensate the loss of air and can overheat or fail by over-damping of the air dryer. Noticeably frequent and long operation of the compressor is a sign of a leak.

Location of the Compressor and the Relay

In addition, a defect in the operating relay can cause the compressor to continue to operate. After years of use, the contacts may no longer separate properly. In this case, the circuit remains closed and the compressor remains on. This is why it's important to install the relay supplied by us when installing our compressor for level control. The repaired air suspension then starts its second life with fresh switching contacts. The relay can be found in position K126 in the cockpit. The compressor is located under the vehicle, on the right-hand side. It is mounted under an elongated cover in the middle.

Quality Assurance According to German Standards

Our Aerosus brand compressors are produced in accordance with the specifications of your BMW X5 E70. This includes regular measurements of the generated pressure as well as bench tests for lifetime operation. The quality assurance is performed by our experts in Germany.

Thus, the quality of our compressors corresponds to the quality of the original equipment compressors. After changing the compressor and installing our car part, the air suspension regains full power. When you buy our components online, you get quality at low cost. The repair of the BMW X5 E70 is thus noticeably cheaper than with original parts.


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10 out of 10

Very efficient and great product

Very efficient and great product

Very efficient and great product

Very fast delivery, except for a small mistake, the sender did not print the complete delivery address the first time, so the courier first scanned the shipment as unknown.
After an arrangement with UPS everything was great, so only 4 stars, otherwise full score.

Zadovoljan dostavom. Stiglaje i ranije od očekivanog datuma. Preporučujem dalje.


Worked out perfectly, everything was great!

Everything worked out perfectly, i highly recommend the service and the easy process of placing an order

Part of my product order was broken
And Aerosus replaced the whole product hassle-free and free of postage costs thank you

Excellent service. Delivered on time. Will purchase again when necessary
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